🌍 Introduction to Laravel Currency Formatter

The Laravel Currency Formatter is a compact and efficient Laravel package developed to enable seamless formatting of monetary values across numerous global currencies. This package takes advantage of both PHP's versatility and Laravel's powerful framework to present developers with an easily accessible API for currency formatting, adapting to the intricacies of different global specifications.

Features 🚀

  • Wide Range of Currencies: Out of the box support for a significant number of global currencies, from the widely recognized such as USD (United States Dollar) and EUR (Euro) to less common ones like BTN (Bhutanese Ngultrum) and KGS (Kyrgyzstani Som).

  • Customizable Symbol Placement: Flexibility to format monetary values with or without currency symbols, and to introduce custom symbols where preferred.

  • Adaptable Formatting Styles: Whether it involves decimal marks, thousands separators, or currency symbol positioning, Laravel Currency Formatter caters to various formatting needs with ease.

What It's For 🎯

Designed with the developer mind, this package aims to lift the burden of dealing with complex global currency formatting rules by providing a straightforward, reliable solution. Whether you are developing an e-commerce platform, a financial report system, or any application that deals with financial transactions across different nations, Laravel Currency Formatter ensures that monetary values are displayed in a clear, localized format for end users.

Why Laravel? 🤔

The choice of Laravel as the basis of this package comes from its widespread acceptance as a robust, scalable PHP framework. Laravel's ecosystem offers a wide range of functionalities, and its extensive community support further enhances the utility of packages like Laravel Currency Formatter, making it easier for developers to incorporate into their projects without the need to reinvent the wheel.

Getting Started ✨

To begin using Laravel Currency Formatter in your project, you simply need to require it via Composer:

composer require magarrent/laravel-currency-formatter

And with just a few lines of code, you're ready to format monetary values across a multitude of currencies:

use Magarrent\LaravelCurrencyFormatter\Facades\Currency;

echo Currency::currency("USD")->format(123.45); // $123.45
echo Currency::currency("GBP")->format(123.45, true); // £123

By leveraging the Laravel Currency Formatter, developers can now focus more on the core functionalities of their applications, leaving the nuances of currency formatting in reliable hands.

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